About Alpha Water Systems

Alpha Water Systems is based in southern Maine, and designs, installs and services residential well water systems from pumps, to pump controls, well tanks and filtration systems. We can help you to understand and maintain existing systems and to solve any water quality issues. As an independently owned company we are not tied to a particular equipment line and can, therefore, help you choose the highest quality equipment for the longest user-friendly service possible. We are fully licensed and insured.

Water equipment design is constantly evolving, as is the understanding of the chemistry involved. Each situation is unique and must be evaluated as a whole. We pride ourselves in staying updated to better guide our customers with their particular water needs.

We are proud of a solid reputation for integrity and solid business practices. Our interest and concern with the quality of drinking water has been both personal and professional. Please call us at 207-838-3445 to discuss any questions you may have about our water and what we can do to help.