Phil’s knowledge of water systems started with 6 years in the U. S. Navy. His foundation in pump and motor theory, delivering a variety of liquids, began while serving as a Machinist’s Mate and “lube oil king” on the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. A business degree followed. Over the years, valuable and related expertise was gained while working for firms such as Cianbro Corporation, Blue Rock and Hannaford. Responsibilities included site engineering, heavy construction, project management, commercial and residential building. A water treatment course while at Cianbro started Phil’s interest in water chemistry. Owning his own home construction business added knowledge of subdivision development, lot layout and site evaluation. Before starting Alpha Water Systems Phil worked for a well drilling company for 6 years; so he also now knows the topography and underlying formations and water types in much of southern Maine.

The advantage to you is that rather than a limited knowledge of one part of your water delivery system, Phil can apply a systems approach. The performance of the whole system, especially when water filtration is needed, is dependent on each piece, and how all the components and elements interact. Rather than being trained in just one aspect of your system, Phil is uniquely qualified to help you – from the location of a well, to the size and siting of your equipment, to the chemical interactions.